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Aurora Casting & Engineering building in Santa Paula, CA

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Aurora Casting & Engineering, Inc., a small business enterprise, has been producing aluminum and steel castings since 1980; it has grown steadily as a result of  careful attention to detail at each step of the manufacturing process.

Specializing in small to medium investment castings with varying complexities, Aurora has a proven delivery record, can produce end-item machined parts, and also provide prototype castings through the sterolithography process.


Aurora has built a reputation for quality in the production of aluminum and steel investment castings. The constant effort to improve service to customers has recently emphasized…

  • Rapid prototyping and manufacturing for both aluminum and steel.
  • In-house heat treating and machining.
  • Bar-coded tracking system linked with  real-time production control system.
  • EDI and internet capabilities.
  • Cooperation with certified 3rd party facilities for non destructive testing, plating and painting.